Joel and Yas

Joel and Yas

Joel and Yes are owners of Good Pickings. Thinking specifically of Good Pickings Market Garden, we hope that we establish a highly productive and beautiful garden that is a joy to both work and relax in. We want the space to be eye-catching and to spark conversation and excitement about good local food and to enthuse people about eating seasonally and locally. We hope to prove that our food growing methods can produce excellent quality fruit and vegetables, which are demonstrably high in nutrients and have great taste, whilst also improving the health of the soils in which we grow and the biodiversity of our plot, both above and below ground. We also hope to increasingly integrate our little farm with the wider farm, meaning we have less and less need to import resources from outside of the farm.

Tom brings the countryside alive with their astute observations of the animals, birds and plants playing their integral part in the life of the fields and trees on the Farm

— Catharine

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